Dmitriy Yakubovich

Dmitriy Yakubovich has been a resident of Hallandale Beach since 2007. He is a President of Beach Club Condominium Association, a biggest community in Hallandale Beach with a combined budget of around $20,000,000 and population between 4,000 to 6,000 residents living in the community at all times depending on the season.

A few years ago Dmitriy led the fight against the incumbent administration that was considered to be incompetent by the majority of residents. That administration was in power for many years with nothing good to show for it.  As a result, the property values have deteriorated, the reserve funds had depleted, a staggering $20,000,000 special assessment was passed by the administration despite an overwhelming opposition by the residents. There was distrust between the administration and residents, a lot of chaos, unrest and hostility in the community. Police presence during the community meetings became mandatory, at the direction of the administration, security personnel were used to pressure the residents that opposed the administration’s policies. It is then when Dmitriy decided to take a lead on the fight against the incompetent administration with a goal of fixing the community. Soon after he was elected as a President of the Beach Club Condo Association.

Under Dmitriy’s leadership the Beach Club community went through an immense transformation: budget had been rebalanced; $20,000,000 assessment had been cancelled; transparency and accountability had been instilled; calmness, friendliness and peace had been achieved; trust between residents and administration had been accomplished; services and lifestyle of all residents had been greatly improved; reserve funds have been replenished. All that, without asking for a single extra penny from the residents.

Today, Dmitriy recognizes similar problems in the City of Hallandale Beach: The budget is in deficit, the crime rate is up, public safety is dismal, infrastructure is tumbling. All this negatively affects Hallandale Beach property values, lifestyle and safety.

As a business owner Dmitriy Yakubovich has always pushed hard to move forward, with no boundaries to achieve more his entire career. Started as a software engineer on the biggest project on Wall Street at the age of 21, he quickly realized that we live in the land of unlimited opportunities and possibilities. At the age of 23 he started his first business while still working at fortune 100 company on Wall Street. For the next several years he spent 8 hours a day working to support his family and 8 more hours building his business, jobs and the American Dream.

As a community leader Dmitriy initiated a donation campaign to raise money for medical supply as COVID – 19 pandemic started. As a result, thousands of dollars was raised and critical medical supplies were purchased and donated to local hospitals. For this effort dmitriy was awarded a certificate of appreciation form the City of Hallandale Beach.

Dmitriy was recognized as a Beach Cleanup organizer on behalf of Beach Club Condominium. Number of volunteers from Beach Club residents as well as staff are participating in ongoing efforts to keep our beaches clean and beautiful.

Majored in Computer Science

Business Owner

President of Beach Club Condo Association

Member of Hallandale Beach Preservation Board

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